Business Management

Helping you Grow your Business to New Levels

We can help your business grow by offering services in the four following key areas.

Executive Management
      • Develop Strategic and Tactical Business Plans
      • Business turnaround times and restructuring
      • senior management assessment and coaching
      • independent board directorship
Operations Management
    • Supply Chain organization and optimization
    • Manufacturing assessment and overhaul
    • ERP alignment with business processes
    • Lean manufacturing improvement projects (Kaizen, 5s, etc)
Project Management
  • Project management of high risk and critical project
  •  Development of project plans, schedules, budget/cashflow
  • Develop Project Management best practices/processes
  • PM training & development


Quality & Continuous Improvement Management
  • Quality Management System Assessment and development
  • Development of quality management & audit plans
  • Internal audits: Perform, Assess & Develop
  • Supplier Quality Management :Audit, Assess and qualify external suppliers
  • Incoming/Final inspection setup
  • Process Improvement using Six Sigma, Kaizen, CMMI & ISO methodologies. One size does not fit all

ISO 9001 Coaching

Integral Management Solutions has experience in coaching small to medium sized business through the ISO 9001 certification process. Let our certified and well versed professionals coach you through this process.

Business Optimization

We can provide your company with methods processes to increase you productivity, time to market and better use of resources.

Business Consulting

Let us provide better insight in areas of Executive management, quality Assurance, Project/Operations  Management. Better Workflows, Strategic reviews, Risk management, etc.