Mechanical Assembly

We Assemble our Best, to Assemble your Product Best

In addition to manufacturing parts, Integral Management Solutions also offers a full assembly service. This includes;

  • Assembly of projects large and small
  • An extensive inventory of standard components to take from
  • A wide range of assembly tools to ensure we have the right tool for the job
  • An experienced supply chain team to purchase the parts you need
  • A fool proof kitting system that groups together hardware for each sub assembly. This makes assembly less onerous and reduces the possibility of error.


Your product is broken up into various sub assemblies and after each one is assembled meticulously it is inspected by our technicians. This ensures that the product is to your specifications once complete.


Extensive Inventory

From screws and nuts all the way to terminal blocks and Rivets: We’ve got it! We have an extensive inventory of hardware and parts to draw from. as well as the correct tooling to install these parts. 

Mechanical Assembly

Our Trained staff will delicately put your product together,  assembling your product with our vast inventory of hardware or your specific requirements.

If your product involves installing more complicated hardware such as riv-nuts, not a problem! we have experience with that too!

Assembly instructions

Whether used for internal use or for your later use our team makes it a point to thoroughly understand your product by making assembly instructions in drawing form or in the form of videos. This makes sure that the product is assembled the way it was designed to be assembled.