Providing Clear Solutions to Your Problems

Whatever your engineering needs are, the engineering department at Integral Management Solutions can accommodate you. Its services include but are not limited to;

  • Mechanical Design (Prototyping, Optimization, Cost Reduction Design for Manufacturing (D.F.M), Design for Assembly (D.F.A))
  • Electrical System Design (wiring & system diagrams, circuit simulation)
  • 3-D Modeling (SolidWorks)
  • 2-D Drawing
  • Finite Element Analysis, Simulation, Interference Checking
  • Assessing Manufacturability

From simple manufacturing to full fledged design, the Engineering Team being deeply involved in the manufacturing process can offer insightful suggestions regarding Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM & DFA), cost reduction and general optimization.


Need a prototype designed and manufactured in a timely manor? We have you covered. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing facilities and our experienced engineering and manufacturing team we can offer you quick turn around times.

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a product that no longer has its technical drawings? We specialize in accurately measuring products like these, manufacturing these products and giving  you all necessary technical documentation.

Cost Reduction

Does your product need to become more competitive? We can help. We can transform your design to be more cost effective and manufacturable. 

Typical Project Structures

Build to Print

We can manufacture, build and assemble any products you already have a design for. 

  1. 2-D Drawings as well as a bill of materials are given to Integral management solutions. 
  2. The engineering team models the project
  3. The project is manufactured.
  4. The project as well as the 3-D files are given to the Client


We can design, manufacture, build and assemble any products you have a sketch or concept for. 


We can conceptualize, design, manufacture, build and assemble any product to meet your needs. 

Smart Cad Design

 Our Engineers pay special attention to their 3-D modeling practices. They do this by doing the following;

  • Making our models more modifiable
  • Making identical features equal on our modeling software
  • Trying to keep the model as clean as possible.