Bringing Your Idea to Fruition.

Whether your project is a complex electrical assembly, or an intricate mechanical assembly we have you covered from manufacturing right to putting the product together.

Integral management Solutions has a wide range of manufacturing equipment in-house that includes laser/punch CNC cutting, sheet metal bending, riveting, installation of  studs, self clinching nuts and much more. 

Laser & Punch Cutting

We can cut your flat aluminum, stainless steel, steel or brass sheet metal patterns using our state of the art laser punch combo machine. Because we have access to both lasering and  punching, this means no matter how complex your flat pattern is, we can likely cut it. This also lets us manufacturing special features such as;

  • Lancing
  • Countersinks
  • Counterbores
  • Louvres
  • Half shears


CNC Milling & Turning

We provide a full range of CNC milling and turning and can provide these services for a wide range of materials like; Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, plastics.

Rapid Prototyping

Whether with our flexible machining setup or by the use of 3D printing our processes can produce any part from simple to complex in an incredibly timely manner. Perfect if you need to prototype your design.


Secondary Processes


CNC Bending

Integral Management solutions uses a CNC press brake to accurately bend its sheet metal flats. Typically our projects include bending steel or aluminum under 0.25″ thick.

Rivets, Studs and Riv-nuts

If there is a permanent fastener out there, we can likely insert it onto your part. We have extensive experience and the proper machinery to insert  studs, stud-nuts, riv-nuts, rivets and much more!


We take the safety of your part very seriously. Our Plethora of deburring tools, technologies, and trained staff ensure your parts are free of burrs and sharp edges.

Painting and Chemical Coatings

 Do you need your part to be chemically coated, or zinc plated? How about painted? we have you covered. Integral management solutions is quite experienced in working with all kinds of coatings from zinc and chemical conversion to liquid or even powder paint.


Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication

Integral Management Solutions has the in house capability to fabricate your complicated sheet metal designs. Some of these technologies include;

CNC Laser/punching, CNC Bending, Inserting Studs, Riveting.

Advanced CNC Milling and Turning

Do you need a 3-D part cut out of aluminum, steel or even plastic? We have you covered.  

You can be sure your our milling and turning services combined with our strict quality standards will yield a part as per your drawing.

Rapid Prototyping

Do you need a quick prototype? Would you like to jump-start the iterative design process? With our flexible machine set ups or 3-D Printing services, providing a prototype part in a timely manner is a breeze!