Electrical Assembly

Truly "Shocking" Attention to Detail

Integral Management Solutions also offers a full electrical assembly service this includes;

  • Trained personnel to assemble your product
  • soldering and crimping as per IPC 610
  • Cable harness assembly as per IPC 620
  • Shielding Installation
  • Marker Installation
  • Electrical Testing
Our electrical team has experience working with projects both large and small. Electrical projects are held to the same high standards as every other project we have. through every measurable step on your project we’ll be inspecting the assembly to ensure it is to your specification.


Extensive Cabling Experience

From making the cables both simple and complex, right to routing them in a specific mechanical assembly, we have the experience we need to fulfill your complicated cabling needs. 

PCB Capabilities

We can supply your PCB boards and have experience with the following;

  • Supplying reairs per IPC 7712
  • Installing throughhole components
  • Providing a PCB testing service

Electrical Assembly

Whether its simple cables, advanced cable management or complicated electrical PCB boards you can trust us to satisfy your electrical assembly needs. We have Experience with the following;

  • Enclosure Panels
  • Cabinet Panels
  • Dinrail component Installation
  • Soldering, Crimping etc..